Working in Our Landrace Gardens

It has been a while since I took the time to post.  Basswood and I worked hard this summer planting our landrace gardens.  We also planted more than two hundred and fifty trees and a few hundred tree seeds in our food forests.  Basswood’s little sister helped him plant the fava bean seeds he collected on his Guatemala trip last winter.  We are trying to develop different landraces of fava beans, corn, squash, runner beans, and other beans.  (Have I mentioned that Basswood has been collecting beans from as many places as he can.  He grew many of them out and we have several jars of bean seeds waiting for next year.)

Basswood’s beans


The landrace gardens we are trying to develop here at Garden Seeds did not do as well as we would have liked.  It rained an average of every other day all through the summer.  While the rain was great for helping the weeds grow it made it difficult to plant the garden seeds Basswood had collected.  He got so discouraged about being stuck inside so often that he took a temporary job in California picking “Organic Herbs.”  He only worked out there for three weeks before hitchhiking back, but he made about as much money as he will spend on his next adventure.


Diverse landrace fava beans
Landrace Fava Beans


While Basswood was working in California his little sister and I tried to keep up as best we could with the landrace gardens we had started.  Little sister picked some potatoes and fava beans and entered them in the local county fair.  She won ribbons for everything she entered and couldn’t wait to show them to her big brother when he got back.  (We had to explain to the lady that checked in our entries what landrace fava beans were. She didn’t know what landrace seeds were, or fava beans for that matter.  We had to enter them in the “other” category because there was no other place to enter them.)


For his next adventure Basswood has set out with a group of people from all over the globe that are studying and teaching others about mushrooms.  Fungi Academy