Working Hard on Our Forest Gardens and Big Brother is Watching

Basswood and I have been working hard on our forest gardens.  We planted over a hundred and fifty trees before the rain started.   In a few years these trees will be food for us and the animals, not to mention all the blossoms for the honeybees.  Around several of the trees Basswood planted what he calls a guild.  He puts a couple of nitrogen fixing plants and a dynamic accumulator or two.  While the trees are small Basswood has even planted some other shorter fruit and vegetable plants.  He wants to fill up the area around the tree with something besides grass.


It has been raining a lot the lasts few days so we have been hauling wood chips from the compost dump for trails and to put between the plants.  We also plan on  putting chips up next to some of the trees because we think it looks nice and it will help control some of the grass.

The head of pest and weed control


I have wanted to put more pictures up, but the computer will not upload photos directly from Basswood's camera like it used to.  After the Windows 10 update nothing works right anymore, and the computer spends a lot of time downloading or uploading things that I do not ask it to.


I have a Windows 10 conspiracy theory for you.  Windows 10 is free because Big Brother wants to use it to collect information off of everyone's computer.  I say this for two reasons:

1) It doesn't work well for me, my internet access has slowed down.  It probably works well for Big Brother because it is always uploading something.  But, just like the electronic medical record programs Big Brother mandated for hospitals, they do not work well for the users.  Then they do not have to, they are required by the government.  Also,the government reimbursed hospitals for most of their costs in switching over.  (Windows would not give away an operating system for free.  They are being paid by someone.)

2) It is required.  If you wait long enough before you decide to upload it, it will be uploaded for you.


Well if you did not know that Big Brother is watching you by now then you really do have your head stuck in the sand.  Basswood wants to figure out how to get the live satellite feed when it passes over our property.  The only satellite photos, of our property, he can find are a few years old and he wants to track our progress closer to real time.