Why I Write about Basswood

I have tried to get Basswood to blog, but he says he is not a writer. Well... I am not a writer either. I have to get my mom to proofread and edit what I write before it is readable. [Note from Mom: Scot is a better writer than he thinks he is, and his work is also readable. I am extremely proud of my dyslexic son! I make a few corrections to his grammar and punctuation, but his work is very "readable" on its own.] Then there is the problem of coming up with something worth writing about. If I wrote about my life no one would read it. I am really a boring person. I work as an RN House Supervisor on the night shift at the local hospital... There is no story there. Though the women at work pay a little more attention to what I say than my kids do at home.


I could write about my three years working as the first and only male RN to have worked on the Women's Health Unit at the hospital in our small town. But... it would be a HIPAA violation to write stories that involved patients.


At work they have WOW awards, Wonderful Outstanding Worker awards, that patients and staff can nominate you for. While working on the OB floor I got a couple of them a month. I have worked almost two years as the House Supervisor and I have not gotten one.


My theory is that I am a graying middle aged grandpa, and when people look at me they expect me to be a good supervisor, and I cannot exceed their expectations as a supervisor no matter how hard I try. But, when a patient comes to the hospital in labor and I say, "Hi, my name is Scot and I will be your nurse tonight." Their expectations are so low for me that I cannot help but exceed them.


After I introduced myself to one patient I heard her say under her breath, "Oh Shit! It's a guy," but then after working with her for six hours, helping her through labor and delivery she said, "When I first saw you I didn't think I would like you as a nurse, but you were awesome and I am glad you were my nurse."


We had WOW awards at home too. When my youngest daughter was potty training her older sister would bribe her into going upstairs and using the potty by herself, by telling her that if she did she would tell her "WOW!" Believe it or not it worked. A few times a day she would run up the stairs and go potty so she could come back downstairs and have her sister tell her, WOW!


One day I got a WOW award from one of my patients. I was very proud of it. I had worked hard with her, helping her work through labor and delivery. I brought it home to show my family, and when I showed it to my older daughter she couldn't stop laughing... Dad got a WOW!


Anyway, I have to go. Basswood is already out working in the fields. He is clearing the edge of a field and getting ready to make some hugel beds to plant the berries we are getting today or tomorrow. As you can see, Basswood is the one who leads an unusual life that is worth writing about.


[And Scot should have been a comedian. Maybe I should just leave some of his grammatical mistakes in there so you could get the full effect! Like "I herd..." I think this post is a WOW! --Mom]     After my mom sent this back to me she emailed me and said that I should take her comments out if they offended me.  They do not offend me at all.  I know that I can not spell.  I joke that she spelled my name, Scot, with one t because she knew that I would not be able to spell anything with more then four letters.  Thanks mom.