Where is Basswood today?

Basswood has not written for over five days. Five days is his limit before we are supposed to start worrying. He did try calling me two times yesterday, the fifth day, but I was not home so he left messages. The connection was so bad I could not understand one single word. Than after three attempts to his mom’s cell phone he was able to say a few words. He said that he went to some kind of seminar on gardening and learned some new things. When she asked him how he was he said his standard, “I am still alive,” and then the phone went dead. Well… he said the same thing once when he was hitchhiking across Albania, a couple of years ago, after he got attacked by wild dogs. He usually does not want to worry us with the little things, and he does not tell me about them until he gets home. He only called about the dog attack three days after the fact because the bite was starting to look red and swollen.


Basswood said that a car was driving by. The driver had stopped and helped him scare off the dogs and taken him to a clinic where they had dressed the wound and given him a shot. (He did not know what the shot was.) By the time he called me, he was in Turkey. I told him not to worry about the cost, he needed to go get rabies shots. It turns out that Turkey has free health care. Wow! What a novel concept. He messaged me back saying that it was lost in translation that rabies shots REALLY hurt.


A couple of weeks ago he said that also, and then told me he had tried eating raw cashews. It turns out that cashews are poisonous when they are raw. The acid had burned a big spot on the side of his face in the shape of Africa. (I would show you the picture but he sent it to me in a private message so I am guessing he does not want it shared.) He was just telling me because he wanted some advice on how to heal an acid burn on one’s face. Anyway, I think that he is okay, and just called yesterday because he found someone with a cell phone he could barrow, but he could not get to an internet cafe to message like he usually does. (He only calls on Christmas and my birthday usually.)   Photos of Basswood


When Basswood wrote last Friday, he said that he was leaving Guatemala today and heading to Mexico. His flight home leaves in seven days from Cancun, Mexico. Hopefully, his plan has not changed and he will write when he gets to Mexico tomorrow.        Basswoods Blog