Where in Guatemala is Basswood

Basswood is always changing his Facebook name.  Last year on his trip to Central and South America, he took buses all the way from Duluth, Minnesota to Ecuador.  (He did have to take a ferry from Panama to Columbia.)  He changed his Facebook name to Ricardo Harvez.  Now he has changed it to Tilo San.  I typed it into Google Translate to see what it meant.  Tilo means Linden, which is another name for Basswood.  When I typed in "San", I got "saint" though someone told me it must have something to do with beans.  I do not know Spanish so I wouldn't know, though when he was in Mexico collecting bean seeds he went to the market so often looking for different types of beans they called him Senor Haba, or Mr Bean.  Tilo San Facebook page.


Basswood has been wandering around Guatemala for the last few weeks learning about the culture and the people. Now he is back in San Marcos, Guatemala. He is kind of using San Marcos as his home base until he starts heading north to Cancun, Mexico, to catch his flight back home.


Yesterday Basswood messaged to tell me where he was storing the seeds he collected last fall, so his little sisters and I are going to start some tomatoes and peppers inside today. All the snow melted off of the garden yesterday due to all the rain we have gotten this week. Then this morning it started snowing about three hours ago... we have two-and-a-half inches of fresh snow already with up to eight inches expected. I think this was just to remind me that there are still at least eight weeks before it is safe to set out tomato plants here.