Vaccines Revealed

It has been eight days since I was fired for not receiving my flu shot.  Today I got an email from Dr Patrick Gentempo that says they are putting out a docu-series on vaccines.  I watched some of the GMOs Revealed  docu-series they put out this summer and found it very interesting.  I am looking forward to this new series about vaccines..


Vaccines Revealed is a documentary series that starts tonight.  “According to the HSRA (Government Website) 88 of the 108 cases settled the first quarter of 2016 were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., harming and killing more people than all the other vaccines put together.”


Vaccines Revealed mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.  “We will not stop until the entire world is educated and empowered with knowledge exposing the truth about vaccines.”


This entire series is available to view for free, you get one new episode every day for the next 9 days with a full 24 hours to see each episode. (You can buy the series later, if you want).  Go to Vaccines Revealed website to sign up for free.


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