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There is very little genetic biodiversity in most types of fruit trees.  Apple trees, etc., are made by grafting onto a rootstock.  This means they are genetically like their parent.  If too many plants are genetically the same, problems develop.

Banana plants raised for export are almost all Cavendish Bananas raised as a monoculture.  A monoculture is when all the same type of plant is raised together.  Not only that, these Cavendish bananas are clones.  There is a disease, called Tropical Race 4, that is wiping out these bananas. This disease can spread easily because the plants are all genetically the same.  We need to plant trees from seed to increase their genetic diversity so they will not suffer the same fate as the bananas.  Do I need to remind you about potatoes in Ireland in the 1800's?


Banana plantation, banana plants
Young Banana Plantation

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At any given time we have over 2,200 seed lots in stock and ready for shipment. We have another 1,200 that we are always actively sourcing. In addition we have over 10,000 that we can source for special order customers. This may well be the most extensive listing of seeds in the world!

Vermont/ Winooski has served thousands of customers from first time growers, hobbyists to experienced nurserymen with high quality tree & shrub seeds. As a small business, our expert tree planting staff offers educated, personable and professional customer service that you will not find anywhere else. We don't just sell you tree seeds - we help you grow trees for future generations to enjoy.

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