Spring Came Early

Basswood has been home for three days now. I am so sore from working outside. Last week the high temperature was in the forties. Then Basswood came home and the highs have been in the sixties and seventies. We planted some Fava beans and peas that he collected on his travels. (Our frost free date here in northern Minnesota is June 10th so it is still too early to plant most things.)

We got the pickup truck out and visited the compost dump. This is early even for us to start collecting from the dump. Someone had cut down a massive willow tree. Basswood spent over half an hour cutting the trunk into small enough sizes that the two of us could load it onto the truck. He plans to inoculate them with oyster and shiitake mushroom plugs that we ordered online.

We also hauled several truckloads of the small willow wood chips that they dumped there for us. We mixed them with some of the old chips that have been decaying there in the chip pile for years. We were surprised to see all the worms that were active in the old pile since the snow just melted off last week. There were pockets inside the pile that were hot from the decaying chips.

Starting tonight I am going to get a break. I get to go to work for the next two nights…