Spring: April Fools

March was a beautiful spring month for here in northern Minnesota. March was officially eight degrees warmer than normal. The snow all melted off my garden for the second time this March on the 30th.


April Fools… April first it got cold again and snowed an inch. When my daughter woke up and saw the snow she stomped her little feet and shouted, “That’s not fair. It is supposed to be summer.” Then this morning, when it had snowed five more inches she was just depressed and resigned to the fact that it is still winter.


About half of the years we have lived here in northern Minnesota, the snow is all melted on my birthday, April 15, and I can work in my garden. To be honest, I think the snow is helping me by insulating the ground. The top inch of the ground had thawed last week and the snow is keeping it a little warm now that the temperature has dropped again.


Basswood is going to start heading home next week. He has still been wondering around Guatemala. He went back and visited one of the gardens that he had planted down there and said that his landrace favas are flowering. He was just bragging because I had messaged him that the heirloom tomatoes that I had started indoors had come up.


I am to pick Basswood up on the 14th, and we plan to plant peas and potatoes on the 15th. I hope the snow is all melted by then because Basswood will be out there barefooted, and his feet might get cold otherwise. You might think I am joking, but he harvested some of the garden last fall, after the first snow, barefoot.