Seeds of Change

For the month of April, Garden Seeds is featuring Seeds of Change on our featured seed companies page. Seeds of Change promotes and sells only organic seeds and is working to promote heirloom and landrace seed varieties.  Every day more and more people are learning about the importance of eating and using non-GMO products and Seeds of Change is a good company to go to learn about non-GMO organic seeds and organic gardening.  Seeds of Change organic seeds


This year at Garden Seeds we hope to grow our own organic heirloom and landrace grains for our animals.  Unfortunately, we could not grow enough last year.  So yesterday, when I went to the local Feed Coop to get some chicken feed, I was surprised that they were selling non-GMO chicken feed.  Sure it was a little more expensive, but they were selling it.


I guess I was surprised because I have been a little discouraged lately since it seemed that most people don’t know how bad GMO food is for you, and they really do not want to know.  But, as someone told me today, most people really do know that GMO foods are bad for you, they just don’t want to take the time to do something about it.


Well, I think this is going to be the year that the GMO vs non-GMO debate is going to be hard to ignore.  There are going to be non-GMO signs by many products in the supermarket and, even though they will be more expensive, more and more people will be buying them.


I feel sorry for the American Farmer because many of them are locked into growing GMO crops, and they are going to have a harder time selling them this year.  Russia has already banned all corn and soybeans from the US because of GMO and other contamination. Most of the EU countries ban GMO crops.  There are fewer and fewer countries that will buy our crops.  Is that why the corn and soybean prices are so low?


I hope that you are planning to use non-GMO heirloom and landrace seeds in your garden or fields this year.  I know you will be healthier for it.  Landrace Gardening is Organic Gardening