Seeds of Change non GMO Seeds

I have been paying more attention to the seeds that are sold in the local stores this year.   I have noticed that many of the seed displays prominently say non-GMO all over them.   I knew that non-GMO seeds would be a big deal this year but I am surprised at how many different stores are selling them.  non-GMO heirloom seeds


Yesterday I was at Walmart and there was a Seeds of Change display in the middle of the aisle.  Seeds of Change sells only non-GMO seeds, and all their seeds are organic.  Last year, when Basswood wanted to buy non-GMO, heirloom, and landrace seeds, he could find only one company's heirloom seeds at the local greenhouse, and the rest of his seeds he bought onlineSeeds of Change


I am excited that more people are getting the opportunity to buy non-GMO, organic seeds for their gardens this year.  landrace gardening