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Mr Middleton Garden Shop

Ireland/ Dublin

Ireland’s oldest mail order Garden retailer. 100 % Irish Family Owned Committed to Excellence. We are first and foremost gardeners, with a passion for plants. It’s this passion that drives us to seek out and find new and exciting varieties to offer to our friends and customers. For almost 40 years we have been growing and introducing new varieties of plants, bulbs and seed to the Irish public. We can justifiably claim to have introduced more new varieties to Irish gardeners in the last 40 years than any other garden supplier. It is this passion for new and old varieties of noteworthy merit that continues to drive us to this day.

Ireland/ Country Cork

Fruit Hill Farm are Ireland's specialists for organic farm and garden supplies. All our products are carefully sourced to meet the needs of organic producers and gardeners. We stock high quality garden tools, organic vegetable seeds, potatoes, onions, garlic, compost, organic plant feeds, organic crop protection products and much more. Next day delivery to anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland for in-stock items.

Ireland/ Leitrim

The Organic Centre was founded in 1995 by local organic growers and their supporters, and was the brainchild of Rod Alston, the first chairman of The Organic Centre BOM.

Irish Seed Savers

Ireland/ Country Clare

The Irish Seed Savers Association
A living testimony of the richness and wealth of the agricultural legacy of our ancestors our aim is:
• To protect, conserve, research and utilise non-commercial seed, grain, vegetable and fruit varieties.
• To promote the benefits of agricultural biodiversity.
• To provide information and to educate the public on agricultural biodiversity locally and globally.
• To be a working example of successful organic seed and crop production, through growing and distributing Irish grown seed, grain, vegetable and fruit varieties.


We have over 600 varieties of organic, open pollinated heritage seeds in our purpose built Living Seed Bank. Our extensive heritage gardens house the heritage apple tree collection together with the country’s only public self-rooting orchard. We share our skills and knowledge with thousands of children and adults through courses, camps and outreach programmes.
We have a visitor center, shop and 20 acres of beautiful woodlands, organic gardens and orchards open to the public.
The Irish Seed Savers Association is one of very few organisations in Ireland engaged in this urgent work.



Europrise Co. Ltd.

Ireland/ Dublin

Europrise is part of the Bejo Zaden vegetable seed company of Holland. We supply the complete range of Bejo Zaden vegetable varieties. In addition we source the best varieties on offer from other seed companies. This strategy enables us to offer  the best range currently  available across the board to commercial growers.

Peppermint Farm & Garden

Ireland/ West Cork

In our herb nursery we offer for sale more then 300 varieties of organic herbs, by mail order, through our online shop and on farmers markets. We do culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, fragrant herbs, vegetable plants and as well our successful organic herbal teas.

UK/ Leicestershire



Grow Organic is a producer of organic fertiliser.  Produced for over 30 years, our 100% organic fertiliser is composted, milled and oven heated at over 200°C to produce a safe and economical product. One bag will treat up to 250 square metres.

The Real Seed Catalogue


You'll find no F1 hybrids or genetically modified seed here - just varieties that do really well and taste great when grown by hand on a garden scale - a catalogue of real seeds for real gardeners wanting to grow proper vegetables.  Because all are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) , you can even save your own vegetable seed for future years, using the instructions we supply. There's no need to buy new seed every year!

UK/ Pembrokeshire

Welcome to Western Seeds Ltd. Western Seeds is a specialist seed company established for over 30 years.

Our aim is to supply the highest possible quality seed at the most competitive price. Western Seeds is an independent seed company.

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

UK/ London

The Organic Gardening Catalogue is the official catalogue of Garden Organic, Europe's leading organic gardening organisation. The catalogue is run as a joint venture with Chase Organics in Addlestone, Surrey, UK who have been suppliers to organic gardeners for over 80 years.


Crop diversity...

… has developed over generations. People have cultivated and farmed plants for thousands of years, resulting in an incredible diversity of locally used and adapted crops. There was – and, in many places, still is – a close relationship between people and their plants.

… is severely threatened. 75% of all crop variety has become extinct since 1900. One of the main reasons is the industrialisation of agriculture. Commercial farming uses few species and varieties. Only about 100 crop species (of more than 4,800 known species) make up 90% of globally harvested food. Laws, corporate interests, consumer behaviour, environmental disasters, armed conflicts, the disappearance of small-scale farming, among other factors compound the danger to seed diversity on a global level.

… means life: crop diversity is part of the basis of our diet, of our life – just like air or water. It ensures that agriculture can adapt to changing environmental conditions (keyword: climate change) and new diseases or pests. It also ensures that suitable crops are also available for remote regions and extreme conditions – wherever people live who have to feed themselves.

Vitalis Organic Seeds


Welcome to the website of Vitalis Organic Seeds. Vitalis offers a wide range of vegetable seeds for professional use only. On this website you will find information about our company, our products and about organic seeds in general. You will also find contact information, to get in touch with our distributor in your country of interest.

Impecta  Fro Handel

Sweden/ Julita

This site is not in English, but they sell organic seeds.

Runabergs froer

Sweden/ Spekeröd

Ecological seed growing has a firm official hold in Europe now and several ecologically grown seeds are introduced on the market every year. In EU 2004 was the turning point when all ecological growing of vegetables must be carried out with ecologically grown seeds to be approved. There will be extensive control of the seed trade and seed cultivation by both state- and certified control agencies. The ecological cultivation which was founded on ideological convictions and trust is being replaced by an economically ruled control apparatus, wholly along the lines of the times, where suspicion is the evident reason for increased control. It is still a positive development even though economical self-interest lies behind the sudden interest in ecological seed growing by the seed giants. The great gain, globally, is that the seeds will be grown without artificial fertilizers and chemical growth preparations and pesticides, which were used diligently without limits in seed growing before. We ecological growers will also be able to obtain seeds without having to support chemical growing. The number of sorts is, however, still limited and the emphasis is on central European sorts. Here in the North it will often be difficult to find suitable sorts and many ecological growers will face difficult choices.

Germany/ Bingen

Organic Seed Catalogue

It is not possible for practical and legal reasons to have the entire webshop in English. We suggest therefore that you make use of this PDF version and then place your order using the German online catalogue or using the order sheets you find at the end of the catalogue.

To order seeds please send us an email, fax or letter or simply give us a call. Our staff will be able to help and respond to you in English.  


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