Central and South American Heirloom Seed Companies

I am having a hard time finding heirloom Seed Companies in Central and South America.  (This is probably because I do not speak Spanish.)  If you know of any that have an English language page please let me know.



New Mexico/ Albuquerque

Epic Seeds is headquartered in New Mexico but they are working for the people and seeds of Guatemala.

Starting with Qachuu Aloom (Mother Earth) Farmers’ Association — a Guatemala-based, Maya-run organization that was created to rebuild communities in the aftermath of the civil war, and Amyo Farms in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Epic Seeds will grow a global network of agri-economic opportunity for indigenous cultures and farmers everywhere. From rural spaces to urban rooftops, Epic Seeds strives to strengthen cultural identity and celebrate the act of growing.

Epic Seeds brings heritage and heirloom seeds as well as other tried and true, open pollinated varieties to the market, with a percentage of proceeds from seed sales donated to The Garden’s Edge, for seed saving projects.

IMAP: Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute

Caserío Pachitulul
San Lucas Tolimán

We understand that planting seeds is an investment of time, energy and money. The seeds we sell at IMAP are fresh, vital and non-GMO. You can download our Seed Catalogue (Spanish only).