Second week of Spanish Language School

Basswood is starting his second week of Spanish Language School. Over the last few years he has listened to Spanish tapes off and on, and even worked on a Spanish course on Memrise, an online learning website. After his first week in language school, he says he can understand about 60% of a book written for twelve-year-olds. He says the spoken language is harder, though given time he can converse on an abstract subject with the use of a dictionary.

Yesterday was Sunday and there was no school so he went to Momostenango, Guatemala.  He said it was like steeping back in time.  Momostenango is a small town that uses the Mayan calendar. "Momostenango is a municipality in the Totonicapán department of Guatemala. The municipality is situated in the North-West of Totonicapán, in the Western highlands of Guatemala. Momostenango's population is predominantly of Maya K'iche' descent. 70% of the population live in rural areas and most are small farmers growing maize and beans for their own consumption, as well as wheat."  Wikipedia Momostenango page

Basswood likes to go to these remote towns to learn about the people and to find heirloom and landrace garden seeds.  Landrace Seeds