Seed Savers Exchange

This is a page about Seed Savers Exchange.  To learn more about the work they do to save the genetic diversity of seeds, to take advantage of their educational opportunities, and to learn about Seed Savers Exchange seed saving recommendations visit Seed Savers website.

Saving seeds

Seed Savers Exchange takes threats to biodiversity seriously. We maintain a collection of more than 20,000 heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and plant varieties, including over 1,000 varieties of heritage apple trees. We take great care to ensure the health and viability of our collection for generations of growers to come. We keep the bulk of our collection in an underground freezer vault at Heritage Farm.

Each year, we grow out select varieties in gardens at Heritage Farm to refresh our seed supply. To maintain accurate records of each variety’s traits, our Evaluation Team grows out other varieties and keeps careful track of them, updating descriptions, and checking for inconsistencies. Our seed historian researches the story of each variety, documenting its history and the lives of the people who brought it to our collection.


 A network that needs you

Seed Savers Exchange relies on a two-pronged method we call participatory preservation.

The seed bank is important, but it isn’t enough without our member community. Garden seed savers grow out a variety and save its seeds, allowing the variety to adapt to the growing conditions of the area. Without individual garden seed savers, we miss our chance to help seeds adapt to changing conditions, leaving our vault as a sort of museum for varieties that haven’t changed with their environment. You can play an enormous role in preservation by growing out heirloom varieties in your garden and saving seeds.  Be a garden seed saver.


Membership in Seed Savers Exchange

By becoming a member of Seed Savers Exchange you can support a grassroots movement of gardeners and garden seed savers working to ensure a healthy food supply for future gardeners. Every year members exchange thousands of varieties in the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook. This person-to-person garden seed exchange creates a resilient and diverse seed system able to withstand changing climates and consolidating seed companies. Hundreds of Listed Members grow and save over 13,000 fruit, grain, and vegetable varieties to offer to other members.

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Speckled Beans

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