Pending Worldwide Heirloom and Landrace Seed Shortage

I believe that there will be a shortage of landrace seeds this year. When the landrace seeds run out, then the heirloom seed supply will run very low, if not run out completely. Now you might think that I am saying this to try and start a panic and increase our seed sales. Well… that might be a good plan, but we do not sell any seeds, nor do we get any money from any of the heirloom garden seed companies that are listed on our site. (We do get a little money from Google ads on our site, and we would like to reserve the option of selling seeds on our site in the future.)

Black Squash Seeds
Black Squash Seeds (cucurbita ficifolia, a perenial squash.)

Now… Why do I think landrace seeds will run out this year? People are starting to understand that landrace seeds are more genetically diverse and will adapt more readily to different growing conditions than some of the hybrid and heirloom seeds, and more farmers will be growing heirloom and landrace seeds this year worldwide than in the last several years.
Countries around the world are banning GMO crops at an ever increasing rate. (Pretty soon the only place where American farmers will be able to sell their crops is in the US.) So farmers in these countries are switching back to non-GMO seeds. In the past, companies that make GMO seeds have even given away seeds for free to farmers in poor countries to promote their seeds. (These farmers then found out that you cannot save seeds and grow them again from many of these GMO crops.) So… GMO seeds became popular for a few years and now the heirloom and landrace seeds are making a comeback. The problem is that the big seed companies that specialize in non-GMO seeds for farmers will not be able to keep up with the demand created by the number of farmers switching back this year.
The Russian president addressed the Russian parliament and said that he wants Russia to supply the World with non-GMO healthy crops next year. He wants to do this as a way to make up for the lost revenue from oil sales. He even suggested that they pass a law that if a farmer does not plant a field, that they can take it away from him and give it to someone that will.  (Below are quotes from to support what I am saying.)

“In the 21st century, Russian food production has improved. Now, Putin is proposing a major focus on the area. ‘By 2020, Russia must provide itself with all food,’ he implored. ‘We need to cultivate the millions of acres now idle.’ The President suggested confiscating unused farmland and its sale to new owners willing to till it.”

“As the Kremlin has rejected the idea of GMO food production, now a mainstay of American agriculture, Russia could become the world’s principal supplier of high-quality organic food. Meaning there is potential to dominate the ‘high-end’ market in both the West and in other wealthy countries – like China and the Middle Eastern states.

“‘We are not only able to feed ourselves taking into account our lands, water resources – Russia is able to become the largest world supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and high-quality food which the Western producers have long lost, especially given the fact that demand for such products in the world market is steadily growing,’ said Putin. Of course, a major problem here is insufficient labor. However, with some European and Asian countries creaking economically, it mightn’t be so difficult to attract agriculture workers.” From

(I will write more tomorrow supporting what I have shared here.)