New England Trip with Basswood: Part 2

I wrote part 1 of this on December 26. Sorry I have not continued it before now. This is about Basswood's trip with me to New England in October of 2014.

Part of what we wanted to accomplish on this trip was to visit places where our ancestors settled after emigrating from Europe.  (Basswood visited their towns in Europe when he hitchhiked from Amsterdam down to Turkey a couple of years ago.)  My dad’s side of the family, the Harvey’s, were from Vermont, but my mom’s side moved around New York State.   In preparing for the trip, Basswood had decided which homesteads we would try to find and which cemeteries.   One of my great grandfathers had a forty, on a corner, out in the country.  He started a private cemetery on the back of the property by the side road.  We were able to find the cemetery, which now is a public cemetery, and the old house where my great grandpa used to live.

Wilson road sign
Wilson road sign


The third night we thought that we would try and stay at a state park that was basically on our way.  We arrived there as the sun was setting.  But… to our dismay they wanted to charge twice what we thought was reasonable for a place to set up a tent.  So… we continued on by the park entrance and about a mile further down the road there was a logging road heading off into the woods on the other side of the road from the park.

logging road

 We drove our minivan about half a mile back into the woods and found a little trail just big enough for us to back our van down a ways.  We had to pitch our tent that night with the lights of the van.   Basswood calls this stealth camping.


Stealth camping

  When he is by  himself it is easier because he doesn’t have a van he is trying to hide.  He just walks off into the woods anywhere and puts up his hammock.  New England trip part 3