Marietjie’s Pictures at Garden Seeds

The pictures in this post were taken by Basswoods’ little sister Marietjie.  She is nine years old and loves taking pictures with one of Basswoods’ old cameras.   The picture above is of the entrance to Garden Seeds private drive to the back of our property.

This picture is of our dog Binti and myself.  She used to be brown but now she is 12 years old and she is turning blonde.


On our walk down Garden Seeds’ drive Marietjie stopped to take pictures of the vegetation growing in the woods.

Just before the drive comes to the field we made by clearing the trees last fall there is a ditch filled with water from our last big rain.  This is where Marietjie’s camera battery died.  She was very upset because she wanted to take pictures of our corn patch for me.

This is a picture of Basswoods’ other sister Miriam.  She took the pictures in yesterdays post.