Making Permaculture Food Forests for Fun

I ended yesterday's blog by saying that we work hard in our food forests for the food we are going to get. Well I was wrong. The TED talk on NPR this week was about play and how we each need play time to be mentally healthy. The definition of play they used on the TED talk was that play is something you do for fun and not because you have to, or get paid. (I paraphrased here a bit.)


We are making our food forests because it is fun. It would be more cost effective just to buy the food we eat (though we feel you probably should not eat food from the grocery store.) It would also take less of my time. I cannot tell you how many Netflix movies I am missing out on by working in the food forests all the time. Also, it would not be as hard on my clothes, and I would not get so sunburned if I went to the gym to get my exercise. Don't get me wrong, it could be fun to go to the gym and watch all those hot, sweaty women... I mean, people, working out, but I will have to take your word for it.


In a few years, after we get our food forest set up, Basswood wants to buy another piece of property so he can plant another permaculture food forest. He wants to work on it for a few years and then sell it to some rich person from the city who wants to put up a summer vacation home. (We live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. Most of the lakes around us have mainly summer homes on them.)


Basswood feels there are enough people interested in permaculture and food forests, who do not have the time or knowledge to get them set up themselves, that he can make a living setting up food forests for people. But then he would be making money doing it. Wouldn't it be work then? Right now it is just play, lots of play... you know, I think I am a little less crazy, too.