Landrace and Heirloom Seed Companies

Garden Seeds features landrace and heirloom seed companies as a way to promote the use of landrace and heirloom garden seeds.  We believe individuals and small seed companies saving and sharing seeds is an indispensable link in the chain of food security.  If everyone got their seed from one company and something happened to their seed crop there would be a famine.  There would also be famine if a crop was attacked by a disease or pest that it was not genetically predisposed to fight.


If we grow several different heirloom varieties of a crop and one is overcome by disease or does poorly one year, we still can get a harvest from the other heirloom varieties.   There are different heirloom varieties that do better under different conditions.  Some heirloom varieties are frost hardy, others can tolerate drought or heat.  The heirloom tomatoes that grow well in Florida will not do as well in Minnesota.  This is why we encourage you to find a heirloom seed company or two that has heirloom seeds that do well in your area.


Landrace seeds are something we are really excited about.  Landrace seeds are genetically diverse seeds that are adapted to a local area.   You can start a landrace of seeds that will adapt to your local area by getting as many different landrace and heirloom varieties of a crop as you can and then grow them together.  At the end of the season you save the seeds from several of the plants you like and grow those seeds next year.  After a few years of growing these genetically diverse seeds you will have a landrace that is adapted to your growing conditions.



Each month last year Garden Seeds featured a heirloom seed company.   We were so impressed with some of these seed companies that we made a web page about them on our site as a way of promoting them more.  We try and promote only non-GMO heirloom seed companies because we believe that GMO seeds and products can be dangerous for us and the environment in ways that we can not even imagine yet.


Here are some of our favorite seed companies and the web pages we made for them:

Baker Creek Seeds was one of the first heirloom seed companies we found and they inspired us to try and use only healthy non-‘GMO seeds.

Native Seeds is my personal favorite.  I think it is awesome that a seed company is saving the landrace and heirloom seed varieties that the indigenous people of America developed and grew.

Seed Savers Exchange is another great seed company.  We went there to visit on a family vacation and enjoyed their beautiful grounds.  We think their seed saving mission is very important and we encourage you to learn how you can save and share seeds.

Seed Save is an organization that promotes saving seeds.  They have a lot of great information on their site.


We hope you will learn about the benefits of using landrace and heirlooms seeds and that you will check out some of these seed companies to help you get started.