Is Mycelium the Central Nervous System of the Forest?

Many leaves make one tree.  They are all connected and work together via the stems and branches of the tree.  What if something connected all the plants in the forest in a similar way?  I hypothesize that mycelium is actually the central nervous system of the forest.  Mycelium grows in and around the roots of the different plants

I hypothesize that mycelium not only coordinate the sharing of nutrients between the different plants, they also share information between the plants so that the forest can work in a coordinated way.   When I was looking for videos on fungi for the Fungi Academy page I found this video about how plants can think.  It had a picture of mushrooms on it so I thought that it would validate my ideas.



It is a great video showing that plants even have memory and can react to their environment.  It even went so far talk about the root brain theory which basically says the plants "brain" is in it's roots.  Unfortunately it did not talk about the role that mycelium play in this thought process.