I heard from Basswood

Basswood finally wrote, after three days. He went to Zinacantan, Mexico, 17 kilometers away to go to their market.  He got seeds there and collected some on his walk back. He said he had a bag full of seeds by the time he got back to his hostel.

Mexican village

Mexican woman

Village of Zinacantan
Village of Zinacantan

"San Lorenzo Zinacantán in the southern part of the Central Chiapas highlands in the Mexican state of Chiapas. 99.1% of its population is Tzotzil Maya, an indigenous people with linguistic and cultural ties to other highland Maya peoples."

"Zinacantán literally means "land of bats" and comes from the Nahuatl language. People in Zinacantán speak Tzotzil (a Mayan language) and they call their own land "Sots'leb", that is, "land of bats" in their own language." From Wikipedia Zinacantán