I am too HOT!

Friday afternoon we drove two hours to the western side of Minnesota to pick up 140 bare root trees for our forest gardens. We brought them back and started planting them. Saturday morning I had to get up early and drive over two hours south, to the center of Minnesota, to pick up our three packages of honeybees. (Our last hives were destroyed by a bear. This time I put up an electric fence to keep the animals away.)


When I got back with the honeybees, Basswood and his little sisters were out planting trees in our forest gardens. I sent the girls inside so they would not get stung while we were getting ready to introduce the bees to their hives. Then Basswood and I put up the pallet and the hive bodies I had cleaned a few days before and left out in the sun to disinfect.


While I was opening the packages and putting them in the hives, Basswood went back to planting trees, because we only have one bee suit. It was a little too windy for my liking but the bees were out visiting trees before the afternoon was up. The next day the dandelions really started coming out, which is what they need to do to survive the spring here in northern Minnesota.

Picture of Basswood and myself

The honeybees had two good days of flying before the cold, wind, and rain started yesterday morning. I had put a jar of sugar water in each hive to help them get started, but if it keeps raining I might have to give them some more. The serviceberries and chokeberries started blooming before the rain, and I expect the apple trees and pin cherries to bloom after the rain,. Then the bees will have plenty of flowers to visit if the weather is good.


Basswood has had the flu for over a week now. He pushes himself too hard for a couple of days, because we are worried about getting all these trees in the ground, and then he is sick in bed for a day. (For days before we even got the trees we were digging holes and clearing out areas to plant them.) Yesterday he felt well enough to come and set out a few trees for me to plant before it rained. The day before he had spent all day in bed, and I had planted trees for about three hours by myself before I got a bad headache from the sun. I had to spend the rest of the day inside because I felt sick every time I tried to go out.


I got heatstroke when I was in basic training in the Air Force. I was too scared to say anything to anyone. Fortunately it was chow time when I got to feeling like I was going to pass out. I was too sick to eat, but I got six glasses of cold water and drank them. The rest of the day we had indoor stuff, and I was feeling better the next day, but I cannot handle heat now.


A few days ago I got too hot planting trees with Basswood and started throwing up. I had forgotten that I started having this problem last year while clearing land with Basswood. I usually pour water on myself to cool down, but since it was World Naked Gardening Day I just started taking off clothes and let the wind cool me down.


So... if it is not too rainy, too windy, too cold, or too hot, I am going to plant trees today in our forest gardens, and hopefully Basswood is feeling well enough to help me.