I am too COLD!

I am being punished for complaining about being too HOT in my previous post.  I am too HOT!  I had to close up the honeybee hives because it has been below freezing and they have not been able to fly for three days.  They flew for the first two and a half days after I got them, but I am not sure if they were able to store up enough to get them through this cold spell.  I did feed them sugar water twice when it was warmer, but I am afraid to feed them when it is so cold.  The cold liquid might just freeze their little bodies.


Basswood and I have about half our trees to plant still, but it is too cold to dig them out of the moss and straw that we have them covered in.  So... yesterday we cut down a patch of spruce and fir trees that have been growing way to close together on the edge of a wooded patch.  We were out there with snow falling on us clearing away brush to make room for a row of apple trees we hope to plant when it warms up tomorrow.


Since it is too cold to work outside I am going to help my mom set up a website to help some orphans and widows in Africa.  (I will tell you the web address when we get it set up.)  I did this once before and we helped many orphans for a few years.  Well... she has asked me to help her set up a website so she can try again.  She really has a heart for the poor orphans and widows in Africa.