How is Basswood?

How is Basswood? That is the question that was weighing heavily on my mind all day yesterday. I woke up early this morning to check for messages and there were none...


Two days ago Basswood called first thing in the morning to talk with me, usually he messages on Facebook. He only calls when it is someone's birthday or a special holiday. Yesterday was neither, so I knew it must be important. I got back to him as quickly as possible. One of his friends was sick. He wanted to know if I had any suggestions for treating a high temperature, bone aches, and vomiting.


I told him they should take his friend to a doctor. He said his friend was too sick to make the trip. It is a twenty minute hike down the mountain to get to town. In the town nearby there is only a clinic. The day after Basswood arrived at the fungi Academy he cut his hand pretty deep and had to be taken to that clinic where they sewed it up. From that town it is still a long drive to a hospital.


Basswood with stitches


In the evening Basswood wrote to say he felt fatigued and his bones ached. I encouraged him to stay hydrated and rest. I wrote him the first thing yesterday to see how he was doing. He wrote back one word.




That is all he wrote yesterday. Before I went to bed I wrote to ask if he was still alive, and first thing this morning I checked to see if he had responded. There was nothing. I tried not to panic. Finally after about an hour he wrote.


"Woke up pretty rough, but I'm walking around now."


Well he is still alive.  I wish he was home so that I could take care of him.  I can not wait until spring when he comes home to help me plant our landrace gardens.  A few days ago he said he has been going to permaculture farms every chance he gets.  He visits these permaculture farms to try and learn their gardening techniques and to ask them for seeds. 


Before he got sick he said he was planing a major terrace project for the side of the mountain where the Fungi Academy is.  He wants to use the genetically diverse landrace seeds he has collected to start growing food for the staff and students at the Fungi Academy.


Basswood really is feeling better.  He has been writing me for the last few minutes about his plans to start a "Major landrace breeding project," at the Fungi Academy this year.  He said, "I found a squash landrace with pure blackish green flesh."