Hawaii is Beautiful. One of Basswoods early trips.

Ok, I finally got my computer updated so I can finish my story. I had a Word document sent to me that I couldn’t open because my Windows 7 was too old. So, I finally clicked on that annoying pop up that keeps showing up to ask me to update to windows 10. Now I really think they should have warned me that process was going to take all day. The download took about 4 ½ hours. (I have DSL and live at the end of the line. I can’t believe that Century Link charges me full price for such slow internet speed.) Then the “preparing to install” took over an hour. Then the installation… in all it was about seven hours. By that time I had forgotten what I was going to write.

Basswood says he is going to Campeche State in Mexico, which is one of 31 states in Mexico.

Back to my story about Hawaii: My flight was delayed in Las Vegas, so the airport was closed in Honolulu when I arrived. I only had about 5 hours until my flight to the big island, so I ended up sleeping on a bench in the airport. When I got to the big island I rented a four wheel drive Toyota from an individual for about a third of the price of the car rental places. Basswood had helped me set this up. The guy even came and picked me up at the airport.
We needed a four wheel drive because on our drive around the island we drove up the gravel road to the observatory at the top of the mountain. It was so far up even I was chilled from the wind. We also needed four wheel drive because when we camped for the night we drove by this sign that said, “No off road Vehicles,” to find a place to stealth camp by the ocean. I slept in the vehicle and Basswood tried sleeping on top of the Toyota Forerunner.

Pineapple field
Pineapple field

While I was on the big island we also hiked to a remote beach to go camping. To get there we had to drive around this residential area looking for a place to park. We had been warned not to park on the side of the road. It is legal to do so, but the locals do not like it and have been known to turn your car on its side if you do. We finally found this gravel parking lot that had a sign that said, “parking.”
It was about 9 miles of hiking up and down. I think there were 5 ridges that we had to cross before getting to our campsite. It was about 85 degrees Fahrenheit and, after climbing that first ridge that was almost straight up with all those switchbacks, my shirt was soaked. I believe it weighted about 5 pounds, so we hid it up in a tree to retrieve on our return trip. Now picture: Basswood walking ahead of me all tanned from working out in the Hawaiian sun for the last 4 months, and then there was me, this pale white old man struggling to keep up, having to stop frequently to breathe. Finally we made it. The first thing we did was set our packs down and go to find the spring because I had drunk all my water a long time before.

When we arrived, the camping area was empty, but when we returned from the spring there was… Yes, that was a young lady bending over putting on her swimsuit in the campsite next to ours. Did I mention that I think Hawaii is a beautiful place? That night I pitched a little tent and Basswood set up his hammock a little ways away. About an hour later the girls in the campsite next to ours came sneaking over, shining their flashlights around our camp. My tent was open and when they shined their light on me I said, “Can I help you?” At this they ran back to their camp giggling.

The next morning we broke camp early to start the long hike back before the other campers. We had been hiking for a while, talking when I had breath. I thought that we were coming to the little clearing where we had stopped for lunch on our way in. I asked Basswood if he thought it was coming up… There was no response. I tried walking a little faster to catch up with him because I figured he must not have heard me. Then I saw her. Standing in the little clearing that overlooked the valley we had just crossed; standing there in the sunshine facing us, just watching Basswood as he walked by, was a beautiful Hawaiian. After Basswood passed her she bent over to pet her little dog and looked behind her to see if Basswood was looking back. (Now I must pause here to remind you that Basswood was young, tan, and good looking, and then there was me. Well… I guess I cannot blame the Hawaiian beauty for not noticing me.)
After I walked past her I looked back to see if I was right.    Yes…     I was right…     She didn’t have any tan lines on her backside either. There she was standing there with her little dog, looking back over her shoulder to see if Basswood would look back at her as he rounded the corner. Now, I want to teach my son the proper way to act in social situations, but I am not sure what the protocol is when you meet a naked woman in the woods. I have thought about this, and I think we should have stopped and acknowledged her… just so she wouldn’t feel bad.
When we finally got back to our car a man came running across the road to say that I had parked in his private parking lot and demanded $40. That kind of ruined the whole Hawaii experience for me. Though I must say that Hawaiians… I mean Hawaii is beautiful.