Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you great happiness. I hope that you take the time to help make the world a better place for the next generation... I want to encourage you to learn about the seeds you will plant this year in your garden.

Here at Garden Seeds we hope to start developing landrace garden seeds that are adapted to Northern Minnesota, where we live. My personal goal is to start developing a landrace honeybee that can survive the harsh winters here.  We feel the gene pool for our food crops and the honeybees that pollinate them is shrinking, and leaving them more susceptible to pests and diseases.  We need more people to plant different varieties of plants, and save their seeds, to help preserve the genetics of those plants for future generations.  (You can learn more about landrace gardening and landrace seeds on GardenSeeds.org   GardenSeeds.org website.)

On Basswood's trip to Mexico and Guatemala this winter he wants to learn more about saving seeds.  He also wants to try to find genetically diverse seeds to add to our landrace garden.   In a landrace garden, survival of the fittest will, over time, develop the best seeds adapted to our area. These seeds we can then share with other local gardeners.  These seeds can grow plants with more than just a higher resistance to local pests and diseases; they can also have higher nutrition than plants from commercially available seeds.


Basswood said that he was going up into the mountains for a night and then he was going to try and catch some rides to Guatemala.  (Seeds that he finds up in the mountain villages, where it is colder, will probably adapt easier to Northern Minnesota.)