GMO in the News

The debate about the safety and risk vs benefits of GMO products is a contentious one. The reason it is so contentious is because there are billions of dollars involved. Russia is betting that more and more countries are going to ban GMO products, and that is why they are rapidly gearing up their production of non-GMO crops. Russia wants to supply the world with a healthy alternative to GMO foods.


We have started a news page where we will write about news articles on GMO vs non-GMO issues.  One of the articles is about how the Philippine government is challenging its Supreme Court’s decision to ban GMO soybean meal.  It would cost them about $80 a ton more to import the non-GMO soybean meal and they do not think they can afford it.  My question is… If non-GMO soybean meal is worth $80 more a ton, why are US farmers growing GMO soybeans?  Russia has already done the math, and they said they plan on filling the void left by US Farmers.


This is why we at Garden Seeds recommend that you use heirloom and landrace garden seeds this year in your garden.  You should plant an even bigger garden this year because people are starting to realize that the GMO foods might not be good for you.  As more people and restaurants switch to non-GMO foods there will be a shortage and the price will go up.


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