Getting Ready for Spring

I am getting excited about spring. I ordered three packages of bees that will arrive sometime in April. Basswood and I are writing back and forth trying to put together an order for the trees we will get in the spring. We found a place about three hours from us that we can get bare root trees for under three dollars each. Most of them are supposed to be two to three feet tall. These should make a good start to our Food Forest we started working on last fall. I am going to take a weeks vacation for the week after we get the trees so that we can get them all planted and watered well for the first few days.

Basswood wrote today saying that he has been living out in the jungle and that is why he hasn’t written much lately. He said, “I’m helping to build a mushroom school with some people, I’m the director of gardening so I’ve been planting all week.” That is my boy. He might not be getting a college degree for all his learning but I do not believe I could buy him a better education anywhere.