GardenSeeds website; Russia and Non GMO Food

Remember food fights at school when you were growing up?  Did they ever escalate to the level of a food war?  The US farmer is going to be involved in a GMO food war this year and I am writing this to try to warn them…


We just started our website in the middle of November, so it does not rank very high yet on Google when searching for anything but “landrace garden seeds” and “landrace gardening.”  (If you Google “landrace seeds” without the garden part you get websites about marijuana.) So… I was surprised when about three weeks ago we started getting over one hundred hits a day from Russia.  I figured that English-speaking Russians must be interested in landrace garden seeds for some reason, or maybe there is a Russian website that has a similar URL and they are just typing it in wrong.


Then last week I came across the article that I shared with you yesterday about President Vladimir Putin addressing the Russian Parliament.  Now, I started website because I am trying to encourage people to use heirloom and landrace garden seeds and because I believe that deep down everyone knows that you shouldn’t use GMO products.  (I cannot say what I actually believe about GMO crops because Monsanto would probably sue me, but I will say that I tried to invest my 401k in a mutual stock fund that does not invest in Monsanto, and I couldn’t find one that my administrator would allow me to use so, I put my money in a bond fund.)  I have, up until now, gone out of my way to make sure this site was not an anti-Monanto/ anti-GMO website.  I did not even blog for four days while I was debating if I should share what I had learned about the anti-GMO Russian connection.


Let me share some of visitor stats with you.  If you take out the town where my web access comes from, and the town where I work, (I brag about to my co-workers) there is only one other US city on our top ten visitors list.  That is a city by the name of Locust Grove.  Now, I could not figure out why until I Googled Locust Grove and Monsanto together…  There is also Samara in our top ten, and there happens to be several towns in the US called Samara, but I couldn’t figure out which one would be interested in landrace garden seeds.  Then I thought to google Samara and Monsanto together and found out that in Samara, Costa Rica they had the world anti-Monsanto convention in May…  All the rest of the cities in our top ten are Russian cities…  So, what I am trying to say is: was already anti-GMO/anti-Monsanto and I just didn’t realize it.


Now, I do not like to be laughed at, and it bothers me that President Vladimir Putin was addressing the Russian Parliament, basically laughing that the US is going to be losing world market share in food crops because US farmers plant GMO seeds.  He basically said that the USA can keep our GMO food and Russia will step in and supply itself and the world with the healthy alternative.


(Below are quotes from


“After the release of the French study that linked Monsanto’s GMO corn with horrifying cancer tumors, Russia has now banned all Monsanto’s GMO corn. The study has had its own supporters and critics so the Russian Institute of Nutrition is now fully evaluating the French study.” (The French study was originally published in 2012.)


“In fact France was one of the very first few countries that banned Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormones and GMOs. Now with Russia joining France in banning Monsanto’s GMO products, there is a high possibility that Monsanto will soon be facing a European ban. Russia’s policy to put a ban on all Monsanto’s GMO corn was a blowback at Monsanto’s recent policies. In the last few years Monsanto has desperately been trying to convince people that genetically modified foods are no different than non-GMO foods.


“In fact, they have even recently tried to use regulatory policies to suggest that GMO foods are safer than traditional foods, but this absurdity has been rejected. Soon after the release of the two-year French study, Monsanto completely disregarded the research and accused the French study of not using enough rats and that the research study duration was not adequate.”


Heirloom and Landrace Garden Seeds Basswood has collected on his trip
Heirloom and Landrace Garden Seeds Basswood has collected on his trip


Basswood has redoubled his efforts to find heirloom and landrace garden seeds on his trip.  He has been visiting remote villages looking for seeds.   He is now trying to figure out how he can afford to send even more seeds back to the US.  (He has a permit to do so.)  We here at are trying to do our part to make sure the US is not totally left behind in growing non-GMO healthy food crops and we want to encourage our fellow US farmers and gardeners to do what they can.  There is going to be a food fight this year.  YOU MIGHT EVEN CALL IT A GMO FOOD WAR…  Russia is taking on the US in world food production this year.