Garden Seeds Website is One Year Old

It is hard to believe that I have been working on this website for a year now.  Our goal for the first year was to get people talking about and using landrace garden seeds with natural landrace gardening methods.  Basswood went down to Guatemala last winter to meet the local people and to learn their gardening techniques.  He also found varieties of heirloom and landrace seeds that he brought back and we grew out in our landrace gardens here in Northern Minnesota.


While Basswood was in Guatemala last year he ran into a group of individuals from several different countries that were starting a Fungi Academy.  He joined up with them to learn more about Mushrooms and other fungi.  He kept in touch with them over the summer and that is how he came upon the adventure of a life time.  Riding the Fungi Bus from San Francisco to Guatemala. 


So, for Garden Seeds second year we plan on learning more about gardening with landrace seeds, but we also want to learn how to improve our landrace gardens with mushrooms.