Garden Seeds Mushroom Photos

Miriam started her second year of online school with Blue Sky School on September 5th. For PE she needs to do different physical activities or exercises for so many hours in a week. After she had spent most of the day inside setting up her school area and doing online school work, I came in and told her I found some cool mushrooms I wanted her to come out and take pictures of for me. She was not sure that taking pictures could be counted as PE, but I am calling this exercise photographic yoga. All the pictures on this post were taken by Miriam on her first day of school 2017.

Here on Garden Seed's property, where we live, we encourage as many mushrooms to grow as possible. I believe all life on Earth would die if mushrooms and other fungi were wiped out.  Mushrooms, growing on logs and other decaying things in our gardens and woods, are really working to brake down organic material and building soil in the process.

September 5 and our maples are turning

Plant or Fungi? This grows in the middle of our drive.

Small mushrooms growing on our drive

Little tiny yellow mushroom

Closeup of tiny mushroom

Tall corn from Mexico

In Northern Minnesota on September 5 this is the biggest watermelon we have growing on the vine


We walked from our house down the drive through the woods to our back field looking for mushrooms.


Mushroom growing on old animal bedding collected from the compost dump

Cluster of mushrooms growing by a stump

Closeup of mushrooms by a stump

Fungus growing on the end of a log

Closeup of Fungus growing on the end of a log

Fungi growing on old log

Closeup of fungi on the end of an old log

Mushroom starting to grow. Little sister's feet are in the background.

Little sister and I were still finding mushrooms but Miriam said she was too sore too move after all the different poses she had been striking during this 30 minute photographic yoga activity.