Garden Medicinals and Culinaries featured for December

I am so excited.  We received our first heirloom seed catalog for 2017.  I opened the mailbox a couple of days ago and there it was…  A beautiful color catalog from Seed Savers Exchange.  Their 2017 seed catalog of heirloom, untreated, non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds.  Outside right now it is cold with snow on the ground.  These seed catalogs that we receive help me remember the warm summer days that I worked outside in our heirloom and landrace gardens.

corn-seeds1 landrace-corn-seeds

The pictures in this post are of landrace seeds Basswood and his friends are collecting on their trip through Mexico.   Basswood likes to collect heirloom and landrace seeds on his travels.  He said they collected these landrace corn seeds in a farming town in the state of Puebla, Mexico.  Basswood said they do not allow GMO crops in the area so that they can maintain the natural genetic diversity in their seed crops.



We feature a landrace or heirloom seed company every month so that we can hopefully get you excited about collecting the seeds you will need for the next season.  For the month of December we, here at Garden Seeds, are featuring Garden Medicinals and Culinaries which specializes in medicinal and culinary herb non-GMO seeds.  They believe that seeds belong in the public domain and they are working to preserve and promote non-GMO seed varieties.