Fungi Course

Basswood and the Fungi Crew made it to the Fungi Academy in Guatemala.  About six hours after Basswood sent me the message that he made it safely he sent a message saying he cut his hand pretty bad and had to get stitches.  He said he has to go to the clinic for daily dressing changes.  I was worried that he would not have enough money to pay for all that.  He wrote back and said, "health care is free in Guatemala."

Like don't I know that only in the US does our health insurance cost over $1500 a month and then we still cannot afford to go to the clinic because of the high co-pays.  I am glad that he is at a place where he can get the help he needs when he needs it.  Getting hurt does not seem to have slowed him down to much.  He says that he is in charge of landscaping and setting up the gardens for the Fungi Academy.  Knowing Basswood, he cannot wait to get some of those landrace seeds in the ground that he collected on their trip from San Francisco.


Everyone is working hard to get ready for the week long fungi seminar that is coming up in January.  I wish that I could join them and learn more about the benefits of fungi.