Fungi Academy

The Fungi Academy is a group of people from around the world that are studying mushrooms and other fungi and are then sharing their knowledge with anyone that will listen.  Basswood and several other members of the Fungi Crew drove the Fungi Bus from San Francisco to the Fungi Academy in Guatemala. 


There is much wisdom to be learned from the fungus among us. From Portobellos to Psilocybe, we feel that mushroom cultivation is a potent global solution to some of the most important issues plaguing our planet today. As a sustainable food source, a builder of healthy soil, a healer for damaged ecosystems and a powerful medicine for both body and mind, we believe that fungus is the key to a healthier, more unified world.

It is this vision of unity that serves as a model for the way we live, work, play and grow together. Our community living and learning space is nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where we currently hold weekly workshops in applied mycologySince our founding in January 2016, we have taught hundreds of locals and travelers from around the world how to grow their own mushrooms; be it for food, ecological restoration, enhancing permaculture design, or consciousness exploration.