From Seed to Shining Seed

They wrote an article about Basswood in the local newspaper entitled From Seed to Shining Seed.  It tells how he is out to see the world by hitchhiking or taking buses.  The article tells how Basswood meets people to learn about their way of life.  “’When he works for room and board, he is really there for a free education,” Scot said. “Many people actually pay permaculture farms for the privilege of working on them for a month or two to learn permaculture design and techniques.’”


Basswood has worked on permaculture farms in California, Hawaii, Turkey, Guatemala, and visited several in Mexico.  Basswood is now working at the Fungi Academy where he is learning about the benefits of fungi.  This year he hopes to learn about using mushrooms and other fungi in food forests and other permaculture designs.  He wants to bring this knowledge back to Northern Minnesota in the Spring where we will use it as we develop our permaculture farm here at Garden Seeds.



Before Basswood left for the winter he cleared another acre of land where we plan on planting trees and bushes along the forest edge to make another food forest.  In the new open area we plan on developing a landrace of corn with some of the corn seeds he collected on his trip across Mexico that he just completed.