Food Security – Heirloom Seed Banks

Food security is vital to our very existence. Most people collect money and/or gold to save up for a time of need. These same people will gladly give you all their gold in exchange for food when they are hungry. We at Garden Seeds believe that the lack of genetic diversity in our country's seed supply could one day lead to a famine. Just look at what happened to Ireland in the 1800's because everyone was planting the same potato.


Do we really trust the big seed companies to think about our long term safety and security? They are so busy developing seeds to increase their profits that they have even developed seeds that will not grow again next year if you save the seed. Wait... does that mean that they could demand all our gold in a time of crisis? We should all start growing only landrace and heirloom seeds that we know will grow again next year from the seeds we can save if need be.


Every month Garden Seeds features an heirloom seed company. This month we have chosen to feature Heirloom Seed Banks. They are a seed company that sells family sized seed banks that are packaged in Mylar bags for long term storage. They have the heirloom seeds that could provide food security for you in a time of food scarcity.