Flowers at Garden Seeds July 2017

Basswood is traveling around Europe so that leaves his little sisters to take pictures. He did write today to let me know he was Okay.  He wrote, “K.”

The girls and I went out to Garden Seeds’ gardens to see if we could get pictures of flowers.


Here we are at the garden gate. Our main garden is fenced to keep the chickens and deer out. We hauled several pickup truck loads of wood chips for the paths and walkways.   In between the plants we use leaves for mulch.  We hauled thirty pickup truck loads of leaves last year from the compost dump.  We are not using the tiller in this garden because we believe the earthworms, bacteria, and fungi grow better if not chopped up by the tiller every year.

This is our old faithful Ford pickup. It has 195,000 miles on it but keeps on going. It would just seem weird if I showed up at the compost dump in a new truck to get wood chips and leaves.  During the summer we go almost everyday to get something from the Chisholm city compost dump that is five miles from our house.  The city workers just expect to see us there and they set aside thing that they think we will take.

Here I am by a pile of wood chips near our back corn field,  In the background you can see the area we cleared this spring for next year…  Anyway for the flowers.

Garden pea flowers

Here is a potato patch that is in bloom. The picture below is a closeup of potato flowers.

This is yarrow. It grows as a weed here. We are selective in the weeds we pull. We save plants that we think are good for one reason or another. Yarrow is a medicinal plant. I believe that if we promote enough different flowers we will have healthier bees. Yarrow is considered invasive… but, then so are earthworms here in Northern Minnesota.

This weed with the tall seed stalk that we left growing on the edge of our garden path is plantain.  We leave it so that we can chew the leaves to make a poultice for when we get stung by bees or yellow jackets.  A couple of years Basswood was clearing a trail through the woods with his chainsaw when he got attacked by yellow jackets.  He was stung several times before he could get away.  He was stung once by his eye and It swelled up quickly to the point he could hardly see.  He ran into a tree on his way to the garden to start chewing plantain.  He put the poultice of chewed plantain on his stings and it brought the swelling down and helped some with the pain.

Our favorite weed is the dandelion.  These are the easiest greens for us to grow.  Dandelions are also the first widespread flowers for our honeybees in the spring.


Above is the seed head of a dandelion,  We gathered many seeds this year so that we could have more dandelion flowers for the honeybees next spring..

This is Basswood’s little sister in the Hollyhocks.

Our dark pink Hollyhocks

Our light pink Hollyhocks. We planted one plant four years ago and it is just spreading. Below are our Elderberry bushes on the edge of the garden.

Elderberry flowers with immature berries.

On the back of Garden Seeds’ property Basswood cleared some land last fall where we put our corn patch this spring. We got a couple of pickup loads of dirt and made mounds because we could not till with all the stumps. In the mounds Basswood planted corn, peas, beans, favas, and squash. In this picture you can see a red flower that is growing as a volunteer. (Or some people call it a weed.)

These pictures are of fava plants that are flowering

I will put up more pictures tomorrow.  MarietjIe, who is pictured below to the pictures in tomorrows’ first post.