First SnowStorm of the Year

I measured 18″ of snow in our yard this morning.  It started as rain the night before last and then snowed all day, stopping after sundown   I had to park my minivan in the neighbor’s drive yesterday because I could not make it down our road.  I could not get it home until after 3:00 this afternoon.  I was supposed to go to work today, but I could not make it with the van.  My back-up plan for bad weather was my 4×4 beater pickup.  But wait!  The transmission started having problems a couple of days ago.  It will go in reverse, but I have no forward gears.


The power blinked off a couple of times but it never stayed off for more than a few seconds at a time.  We were fortunate.  Many in Northern Minnesota went without power, including our internet provider.  We did not have internet access for about 24 hours.  I was supposed to help my daughter with her online school but that didn’t work out.

The good news is Basswood and his friends on the fungi bus made it into Mexico without any trouble.  They did have to stay a day in Juarez, Mexico, trying to get a special permit for them to travel.  Basswood said he was wandering around on foot and got a little lost after dark but everyone he met was real friendly.