Featuring Heirloom Seeds

For the month of February Garden Seeds is featuring Heirloom Seeds Seed Company.  They have been selling heirloom seeds since 1988.  All of the varieties Hierloom Seeds offers are open pollinated (non hybrid) and have been grown by generations of backyard gardeners.  Heirloom seeds are non-GMO seeds.


Here is some of the trivia that is posted on Heirloom Seeds website:

Eggplant was once believed to cause fever, epilepsy and insanity.  This  misconception was circulated by Sir John Mandeville, a fourteenth century traveler, who also told tales of meeting mermaids and monsters in his many journeys.


The most popular squash grown today is the zucchini.  While the zucchini has been popular in Italy for over 300 years, it did not gain widespread recognition in North America until the 1950’s.  Now it is so widely grown, that in some areas of the country, people are warned to look out for “Zucchini Fairies” …. gardeners who leave baskets of squash on neighbors doorsteps!  “Zucchini Fairies” like to appear during the middle of the night in order to dispose of their excess crops!


Lettuce has been in cultivation since at least 550 B.C.!   Herodotus tells of it being served at the royal banquets of Persian kings during this time period.


Did you know that on the average, each American consumes over 30 pounds of lettuce every year!


Flax has been used all throughout the recorded history of man.  It was used in clothing by the Swiss Lake Dwellers (the earliest Europeans for whom remains exist), the Egyptians used linen in wrapping their mummies, Christ wore linen as He lay in His tomb, Homer tells of sails made of linen in his Odyssey, and for more than two centuries, early Americans used flax to make their homemade linen and linsey-woolsey clothing.