Featured Seed Company for August

Wow! It has been over a month since I posted something. It has rained on average every other day for the last two months. I know that Minnesota is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" but this is ridiculous. It has been too wet to work in our landrace gardens and so they are just overgrown weed patches. We do believe in letting some weeds grow but we like to be able to find our plants we have planted.

Garden Seeds land
Garden Seeds property

Last year when we bought our new 40 acres there was no grass growing above my knees and what was growing looked anemic. We spread out a couple wheelbarrow loads of ashes and lime in one of the fields. This spring we planted one of our food forests in that field. With the lime and all of the rain this year the timothy grass is over five feet tall and I have trouble finding the trees we planted.


Basswood got depressed with all the rain and not being able to work outside much. He was offered a job working on an organic farm in Northern California and since we were done planting our food forests for this year he decided to go and make some money. So, now I am depressed. My best friend and gardening partner has left me and it is still raining...


Anyway Garden Seeds Featured Seed Company for the month of August is a European organization and seed company, The Organic Gardening Catalogue.  Many European countries are banning GMO crops and promoting organic gardening to improve the health of their people.