Essentia Health in the News

Minnesota Public radio aired a segment about Essentia Health’s mandatory flu shot policy.


“About 300 employees of Duluth-based Essentia Health could lose their jobs for refusing to comply with the company’s new mandatory flu shot policy.

“Monday is the deadline for the company’s 15,000 employees to get the vaccine, or receive a medical or religious exemption. Essentia says 98 percent have complied.

“Scot Harvey is not one of them. Harvey, who lives outside Chisholm on the Iron Range, has worked as an administrative representative at Essentia Health in Duluth for about a year. He said Essentia denied his request for a medical exemption because he missed the deadline to apply.

“”I don’t see how an employer can have the right to decide what I have to do to my body in order to keep a job,” he said.”


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The article goes on to say, “a recent analysis of major studies on the issue could not find any demonstrable benefit from mandatory health care worker vaccination programs.”