Encouragement Prepares One for Life

I believe a parent’s job is to prepare his children to face the challenges in live. Too often we as parents try to mold our children to be like us.  We want them to excel in the things that we enjoy.  We even want them to see things the way we see them.  Basswood wants to see the world.  He has a lot more courage then I do.  I am afraid to meet people from the next town that speak my language and like the same things I do.  But, Basswood’s Idea of a wonderful day is to spend the day with a group of people that only speak a language he does not understand and who like things he is not familiar with.

Basswood in the woods.


I believe that given the chance and the support that they need our children will learn what they need to survive in life.  What they learn will probably not be what we would have taught them if we retained total control of their lives.  But, if we allow our children to learn what they are interested in they will learn so much more than we could have imagined.  They will even see things differently than we do, but that is okay.

Land Basswood cleared.
Land Basswood cleared.

I have been using Basswood’s sister’s pictures for the last few posts I have written.  She has several great pictures but they are at an angle so I have been reluctant to use them.  I asked her why some of her pictures are at an angle.  She said that she likes to take them that way because that is the way she sees them.

Fire wood.
Taking a break.
Garden Seeds' drive
Little sister on Garden Seed’s drive.

Wait… is it possible that my daughter is different than I am?  Could she see the world differently?  Is it okay to encourage her to see the world in her own way like I have encouraged her brother to see the world in his?

I hope you enjoy the pictures on this blog as I try to experience and see the world as my children see it.

Burning brush
Burning a brush pile.
Garden path
A garden path.
Basswood teaching little sister
Basswood and little sister in the woods.

In the woods

Basswood working with seeds


More of Basswood’s Sister’s Photos.