Garden Seeds Credits

Marshall Lindermann & Harvey INC has supplied all the photos used on this site unless noted otherwise.  He also provides most of the ideas and labor for our heirloom and landrace gardens here at Garden Seeds.  (Marshall Lindermann & Harvey and Basswood are both pseudonyms for my youngest son.)

Our inspiration to grow and save heirloom garden seeds has come from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and Seed Savers Exchange.

Our inspiration, excitement, and desire to develop and save landrace garden seeds has come from Joseph Lofthouse's website about Adaptivar Landrace Gardening.  He has also written several articles about landrace gardening that we have linked to on our landrace seeds page.  

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We want to thank Google for supplying ads about gardening and garden seeds for this site.  (Yes, I realize that google does put ads here that are about other things, but as is becoming more popular, and we are putting more information about heirloom seeds, the ads are starting to be more about  heirloom garden seeds.)

Genetically diverse landrace peas
Genetically diverse landrace peas

dansonia digitata