Basswood Wandering around Guatemala

Basswood has been wandering around Guatemala.  To the casual observer it might appear that he is wandering aimlessly, but he usually has a purpose in the places he chooses.  He spent some time at a Fungus Academy hanging out with people who are also wandering the world looking for something.  After hanging out in the jungle with them for a while he went down to the Caribbean coast.

Basswood in the jungle in Guatemala
Basswood in the jungle in Guatemala  (Basswood is on the far left)

Basswood wrote a few days ago and said, "I'm in Livingston on the Caribbean coast, everyone's black and speaks English and Garifuna."  Basswood likes to visit places with unique people groups; especially people groups that speak endangered languages, or indigenous people groups.  Before starting this trip he made plans to visit Mayan people groups and people groups of African decent in Guatemala.  He told me about how groups of people of African decent left the US in the 1800's and established communities in Guatemala.