Basswood Started School

Basswood said that he finally made it to Guatemala and enrolled in the Escuela Miguel de Cervantes language school. It costs about $150 dollars a week, which I believe includes room and board. Basswood was unschooled so this is the first school he has ever been enrolled in. He is there to learn Spanish so that he can go work at a Guatemalan Seed Institute where they do not speak English.

Escuela Miguel de Cervantes language school

"The Miguel de Cervantes School of Spanish is located in Quetzaltenango, which is also known as Xela, in Guatemala and specializes in teaching Spanish to those who wish to learn in a stimulating environment at very reasonable rates."

"Our Spanish lessons are held in one of the most beautiful and historical buildings in Guatemala and you have the option of learning Spanish inside this building and also in the surrounding gardens making your Spanish classes a real pleasure." Taken from