Basswood is on the Fungi Bus

Basswood met up with his friends in California where they have spent the last few weeks getting the Fungi Bus ready for their trip to Guatemala.  They also have spent the time visiting different mycologists, learning all they can about mushrooms so that they can teach others on their way to Guatemala.

Mushrooms work tirelessly to break down decaying matter and make it available for other living organisms.  Mushrooms are misunderstood and totally under appreciated.  Life as we know it would cease to exist without mushrooms.  The picture below is of Basswood and his friends at the Fungi Academy in Guatemala last year.

Basswood at the Fungi Academy in Guatemala

The following quote is from the Growth spurt on the Magical Fungi bus blog post.  “The unconditional love of mushrooms is the driving force behind our mission to sprinkle the knowledge of the fungi from San Francisco to Guatemala. A journey through many lands, traveling far and vast, living life of the free.”

I hope you will enjoy following Basswood on his new adventure on the Fungi Bus.  They are planing on crossing into Mexico today as they start on the next leg of their journey.