Basswood is Gone Again

Basswood left Fungi Academy with a friend in early spring and hitchhiked around Mexico and Belize for a few months.


Village Basswood stayed at in Belize
Hitchhiking in Belize
Basswood visited with a hermit in Belize

While in Belize, Basswood bought a cheap ticket from El Salvador to the Twin Cities airport to come home.  He and his friend started hitchhiking from Belize to El Salvador to meet his flight.  On the way they met a couple of girls in Guatemala that were driving to California and hitched a ride with them.  He did not tell me he changed his plans until he was in Arizona.

Basswood changing a tire.

They had to change flats three times on the trip, and they stopped several times to find groceries.

Food run
Relaxing in the desert
Hot in Death Valley

At the US border they asked him several times if he had any seeds.  They took a bag of garden seeds that he had collected in Mexico, but they let him keep a small bag of seeds that he told them were for his little sister to make jewelry.  He did have to promise several times not to plant the seeds before they would let him keep them.


Basswood tried hitchhiking from California to where we live in Northern Minnesota.  Basswood has always found it harder to get rides in the US than in other countries.  After getting sunburned trying to catch a ride in a town in California for a whole day..  He broke down and spent the $108 on a bus ticket.


Basswood spent a month and a half at home helping me plant landrace gardens before he could not resist the urge to travel any longer.  He flew to Germany on July tenth…