Basswood in Valladolid Mexico

My son, when he is traveling, likes to use a pseudonym. Last year he was Ricardo Harvez. I am not sure where the Ricardo came from, but the Harvez came about because of a salvage job he worked in Texas a couple of years ago. He was about the only laborer on the site that was not Hispanic. When I received his W-2 to do his taxes the next January they had his last name listed as Harvez instead of Harvey.

This year as you can see on our credits page, he is going by Marshall Lindermann & Harvey INC… Well, at least he spelled the Harvey right this time. Now, when I set up this blog for him to blog about his experiences, we settled on the pseudonym Basswood. I am going to let you try and figure out how Basswood relates to him.
Back to Basswood: “In Valladolid Mexico after two rides from the airport.” I got that message at 1:35 on December 2nd. Now, to be fair to him, he did also mention that the humidity was getting to him. (Remember the snowstorm that he left in?) But my point is: that is why I will be talking about other things besides just what Basswood is doing now.
I hope you caught the fact that he said he got “two rides.” Yes. He is trying to hitchhike across Mexico this time. (Last year I took him to the bus station in Duluth, Minnesota, and he took busses all the way to Panama where he had to take a ferry to Columbia because there are no busses to Columbia. But that is a story for another day.)