Basswood in Mexico?

Basswood called 36 hours ago to say he was crossing the border into Mexico. He told me he would call when he was safely across. Well... he has not called yet. A couple of years ago when he went to Mexico by commercial bus the bus had to wait for him for half an hour because the US side held him for questioning. I guess they have never been to Northern Minnesota in the wintertime because they had a hard time understanding why a citizen of Minnesota would take a bus to spend the winter in Central America. On that bus trip he went all the way down to Ecuador, though he did fly home.


Traveling on the Fungi Bus
Traveling on the Fungi Bus


This time he is crossing on the Fungi Bus with a group of free spirited individuals from around the globe. I am hoping that he is just having so much fun that he forgot to contact me. I am praying that he did not have trouble crossing the border, and that they were able to get far enough south in Mexico that they are in a safe area now.          Mobile Fungi Academy - Fungi Bus


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